The ISIS attack you didn’t hear about yesterday


Even if there hadn’t been the massive terrorist bombings yesterday in Brussels, it is unlikely the media would have spent much time on this one. Both Al Queda and ISIS have long had a strong presence in Bangladesh, a majority-Muslim country on the Indian subcontinent. Of course those few Christians, Hindus, and Buddhists that call the country home are apostate and must be exterminated. Islam doesn’t play well with others.

There have been a series of organized machete and knife attacks on non-believers, especially secularist bloggers, but also on ordinary citizens who do not submit to the prophet. Yesterday, a prominent Christian convert from Islam was attacked and killed by a group of men. ISIS had claimed responsibility.

From PJ Media:

The Islamic State is claiming responsibility for an attack Tuesday that bore chilling hallmarks of al-Qaeda attacks in Bangladesh that have targeted non-Muslim writers and thinkers.

Like previous victims of al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent, the ISIS victim was hacked to death on a city street. The similar M.O. comes as ISIS is trying to muscle in on al-Qaeda territory in the region.

The victim’s “crime”? Being a prominent, longtime convert from Islam to Christianity.

Hossain Ali, 68, had recently retired as inspector of the Directorate of Family Planning, according to local media. He and his family had converted to Christianity in 1999.

Each morning, Ali took a walk near his home in the Kurigram district in northern Bangladesh. At about 7 a.m. on Tuesday, multiple attackers approached Ali on a motorbike and began assaulting him with knives. As they fled the scene, officials said, they threw Molotov cocktails to frighten locals.

This small-scale terrorist campaign is just one part of the worldwide Genocide being perpetrated by Islamists upon Christians, Jews, and others unfortunate to live in places where practitioners of the Religion of Peace™ hold sway. Even in countries where Judaeo-Christian values have been the foundation of society for centuries, Jews are fleeing in record numbers.

Islamists are not picky in their choice of tools with which to wage Jihad. In Paris or San Bernadino it was guns, in Brussels it is bombs, in Bangladesh, China, Sweden, Israel, and other places it is with the knife. It isn’t the weapon, it is the ideology that we must fight.


  1. sagebrushracer says:

    uhhg, extremist in general make me feel ill. The mental gymnastics you have to perform to get out on those limbs is just confirmation of a mental illness, IMO.

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The ISIS attack you didn’t hear about yesterday

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