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My family rented a cabin on Norris Lake last week and while we were on a Sprawl-Mart run I saw the sign above. Apparently Hazel’s Hairstyles and Stuff is also an authorized Case Dealer. A one-stop shop for somewhat disparate offerings that I found to be amusing.

Is Hazel a haircutting knife enthusiast? Does she sell scissors and other edged tools as well? Is it her husband’s side-hustle?

I will never know, as my curiosity was not quite enough to deviate from my path back to the cabin. But I figured I would toss it out and wait for cmeat to leave a funny comment. Feel free to caption, discuss, or opine at will.



  1. Pat Carver says:

    Their tagline is ..
    Hazel’s “I will CUT you!”

  2. Erik says:

    No, not the drop point. Use the sheeps foot on my bangs.

    1. I would think a barber would
      Want a “clip” point

      1. Erik says:

        That’s almost a groaner, but I wish I had thought of it.

  3. cmeat says:

    “no, no, just an ordinary short back and sides please.”
    can’t improve upon perfection.

  4. Nail nick says:

    Well one of the better online knife dealers is, New Graham Pharmacy .

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This struck me as odd…

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