Tormek introduces new T-8 sharpening system.

I was informed via email that the Tormek company will be formally revealing their new T-8 sharpening system at the Blade Show. I have long used an original Tormek machine for my specialty sharpening applications, it was actually the first review I ever wrote for TTAK.

The new T-8 system is not replacing the T-7 at this point, though I imagine it might eventually. The changes to the T-8 are mostly of a refinement nature including a lift for the water tray, an included magnetic scraper for clearing metal filings from the stone, tighter tolerances for the universal support rod, a zinc hub for the stropping wheel instead of the original plastic, and a quieter, enclosed housing construction.


Last year at Blade, Tormek Rep Stig gave me this Tormek-branded Mora.

If one has a T-7, they don’t necessarily need to run out and upgrade right now, but the new features should improve the accuracy and ease of use for those who wish to invest in one. The video below is another preview of the T-8 from woodworking blogger “Stubby Nubs”. It includes a demonstration by Stig – the Tormek rep who is the North American face of Tormek. Stig also happens to be the one who gave me one of my favorite (for its uniqueness) knives, a Tormek-branded Mora Clipper. There aren’t many of those floating around North America.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Stig? Is he The Stig from Top Gear?

    1. Stig is cool. He is not The Stig cool.

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Tormek introduces new T-8 sharpening system.

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