Transylvania University Machete-attacker posted Right-Wing screed to Buzzfeed

Right-wing douchebag wounds 2 with a machete

This morning (Friday) a former Transylvania University student attacked students in a campus coffeeshop, wounding 2 women with a machete. He reportedly asked his victims their political affiliation and said that it was “Judgement Day”.


On Friday afternoon, Lexington police identified the suspect as 19-year-old Mitchell W. Adkins of Cincinnati.

A community post on Buzzfeed claims Transylvania University, as well as liberal arts colleges in general, discriminate against conservatives. Buzzfeed has confirmed that the article was written by Adkins. Lexington police say they’re aware of the article.

Adkins is charged with first-degree and fourth-degree assault, as well as three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment.

A witness says Adkins entered the coffee shop on Friday morning and asked about the political affiliations of people before attacking and injuring two students.

Lexington police Sgt. Jervis Middleton told the Lexington Herald-Leader that Adkins was armed with a machete and knives and is thought to be a former student.

As a side note, the school’s President,

“Seamus Carey helped take down the attacker. Carey told WKYT when he got to school he saw students running out. They told him a man with a hatchet was inside the school’s coffee shop.

“When I heard that our students were in danger I ran to see if I could help,” he said.

Carey along with Transy’s public safety team helped take down the attacker.

Transylvania University forbids students to possess or store firearms in their rooms, so while I commend President Carey for his bravery, I implore him to reexamine his school’s policy with regards to his students’ Constitutional Rights.

I understand that persecution of Conservative students on campus is a thing, I went through a Masters program at Kent State. But teeing off  on a couple of coeds with a machete doesn’t help the cause douchebag. I have a feeling prison will show you what it is like to be truly marginalized.

If you really want to read the douchebag’s screed, go to Buzzfeed. I have saved the text in case it gets taken down. Only then will I post it for it’s archival value.




  1. Sam L. says:

    There are idjits everywhere.

  2. Amelie Franki says:

    Transylvania University is a great institution. But such incidents greatly reduce the reputation of the university. The police must put in place precautionary measures so that such situations no longer arise. Civil Rights is constantly on the move to improving security and you can get more information about it. But such incidents still exist and this is terrible. I believe that the mental state of adolescents should be constantly monitored to prevent such attacks.

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Transylvania University Machete-attacker posted Right-Wing screed to Buzzfeed

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