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As the editor of a knife blog, it has been an interesting week. It is as if the whole world has woken up to a concept that our Edged Intelligentsia have known for years. When the State is done taking away the guns, it doesn’t stop violence, it just makes victims of the law abiding. They will then come for the knives. And your drain cleaner. They will try to Ban All the Things! and it still will not solve the societal issues that are the root cause of the violence.

I have more than enough for another UK-only link dump as well. I will work on that tomorrow. Tonight I want to see what else is going on in the world of knives, outside of the UK insanity.


SOUNDS LIKE A PRETTY SOLID CASE: Man pulls knife on restaurant employee after walking out on bar tab

 a man, later identified as Justin Levi Moegling, ordered two beers, drank them, then walked out without paying.

The employee followed Moegling out of the restaurant, bill in hand, and told the Poulsbo man he had to pay for his drinks.

Moegling allegedly said he had no money and said he was going to pull out a knife.

According to court documents, Moegling then pulled out a knife with a 4-inch fixed blade out of his coat and pressed the knife to the pub employee’s chest.

The employee pushed Moegling away, and Moegling then quickly walked away from the pub south on Hildebrand Lane while yelling at the employee to “not call the cops.”

Two Bainbridge officers found Moegling less than 10 minutes later about 200 yards south of the restaurant, and a knife matching the description given by the restaurant employee was found in Moegling’s possession.

The employee later identified Moegling as the man who did not pay his tab and threatened him with a knife, according to a statement of probable cause in the case.

I am guessing this one won’t go to trial.

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TERRIFYING: Knife-wielding masked men tie up Staten Island residents in terrifying home invasion

It all started round 6 a.m. when the 67-year-old husband opened the garage door to warm up his wife’s vehicle and was ambushed by the two men.

Police say one men pulled a knife, threw the husband to the ground and punched him several times. The other man entered the house and grabbed the wife and daughter, tied them up with zip ties and demanded cash.

A neighbor, Donald Madigan said “It’s scary, they are real nice people.”

The wife, who is also a doctor said after the men ransacked the family’s home on Howard Street, one of them said they raided the wrong house.

BAN KNIVES FROM PROFESSIONAL KITCHENS: Pregnant woman kills restaurant co-worker

Rosa Ramirez, 27, who has two open criminal cases against her in Brooklyn, grabbed a butcher knife in the River City Grille in Irvington, Westchester County just before noon and repeatedly plunged it into the chest of Bonifacio Rodriguez, 39, a married father of two from Yonkers, according to law enforcement sources.

“She didn’t say word, she just grabbed a knife and stabbed him in the chest,” a witness told police sources.

Rodriguez was taken to Westchester Medical Center where he died at 12:19 p.m.

She was a walking “red flag”. I imagine there is wrongful death suit against the restaurant for hiring her in the first place.

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TOUCHING STORY: High School Tech teacher took up knifemaking after being given Great-Grandad’s WWII knife

He said the knife fascinated him. It was something that someone made, but he couldn’t make one.

“I wanted to make something that would last,” Biggin said.

So, he started to study the art of knife-making at age 15.

Now at 30, Biggin said, he realizes he’s spent half of his life shaping metal.

Talking to Biggin usually requires raising one’s voice over the sound of a gas-fired forge heating metal and the rhythmic pounding of hammer on hot steel and cold anvil.

While he doesn’t exactly look like Superman, Biggin’s biceps swell to softball size when he starts swinging his 10-pound hammer to begin shaping a blade.

He also owns a business called Howling Wolf Knifeworks. Biggin will custom-make knives with blades that are 3 to 15 inches long.

FROM KNIFECENTER: 8 Survival Essentials for Spring

There’s finally a light at the end of the snow tunnel – and this time, spring really IS nearly here. Check out these eight outdoor and survival essentials that should definitely make an appearance in your pack this season.

Have a great evening folks.


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TTAK News Digest: UK-free edition

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