TTAK’s 2017 Cyber Monday Knife Deals list

2017 Cyber Monday Deal List

Wow. This weekend has flown by. Today’s 2017 Cyber Monday Knife Deals post is a companion to our Black Friday deal list, and in many cases the deals are the same. Other’s have changed, and I will try to make a note of which category a site falls into.

I wish the iBlade were actually a thing. Well, technically it is, but it is a series of Ping golf irons. I like the one above better. Too bad it isn’t for sale.

Now onto the deals…

BLADEHQ: Click here for the BLADEHQ Cyber Monday knife deals page. Among many, many notable deals, there is a BLADEHQ Exclusive Kershaw Skyline Fixed-blade for 79.99. This knife was discontinued several years ago, but BLADEHQ commissioned a private run.

Here are Ben and Zach to tell you about all of their 2017 Cyber Monday Knife Deals:

Their specials today are different than their Friday ones.

KA-BAR IS DOING IT AGAIN: 50% off most products sitewide


KNIVESSHIPFREE has been running daily flash sales through email all weekend. It wraps up tomorrow with Day 5’s email. I don’t know what is on it, but you need to sign up for their email list to get it. KnivesShipFree is a legit retailer, and can be trusted with your email.

KNIFECENTER is running 20% or more off 3000 items in their 2017 Cyber Monday Knife deals. $57 ESEE Izulas (msrp $119) and $99 SOG Visionary IIs (msrp $183)

GPKNIVES Holiday Sale: Same sale has been running all weekend. Lots of deals across the board. $37 Kershaw Leeks (msrp $80), ESEE 5s for $125 (msrp $270) or a Kizer Kane Titanium Framelock for $200 (msrp $295)

SMOKY MOUNTAIN KNIFE WORKS: Looks to be an ongoing extension of their Black Friday Sale. Lots of deals, and bonus blade and gear rewards for various levels of purchase.


SOG KNIVES: 15% off sitewide and free shipping with code : HOLIDAY2017 November 23-27

EMERSON KNIVES: 10% off sitewide and free shipping with code: FRIDAY10 through end-of-day Monday

GERBER: 20% off sitewide with code STEALTH

KNIFE-DEPOT: Click here for their Daily Sale Page

MACY’S: has a Cyber Week Page with over 330 items on sale.

HOGUE has 10% off everything all weekend, not only their knives.

KNIFE ARMORY: Online knife dealer and TTAK Reader Jason Smith updates his site on a more or less daily business, and has informed us that his knives are discounted for the weekend, though there is no flashy “Cyber Monday” page or anything.


I will be home tomorrow, so I should be able to look for more and put out an update. Have a great week everyone.



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TTAK’s 2017 Cyber Monday Knife Deals list

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