Turkey Carving 101 – Just in case you needed a refresher

I miss Giant Eagle grocery stores. They are a fixture around Northeast Ohio, where I was born and raised. Kroger and Food City, which dominate the Knoxville market, just are nowhere near as nice, and the staff seems much less knowledgeable in my experience.

I stumbled upon this infographic, which was created by Giant Eagle. I blew it up below so you can actually read the text.

If you take a picture of your turkey carving results, or the knives you used, please tag @knifetruth on Instagram.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.



  1. jason smith says:

    Follow These Steps For Easy Carving

    Remove the string. Place the turkey on a carving board. …
    Remove the legs and thighs. Cut through the skin that connects the breast and the d
    Remove the drumsticks. …
    Remove the wishbone. …
    Remove turkey breasts. …
    Remove the wings. …
    Slice the thigh meat. …
    Slice the breast meat.
    Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll !!!!

  2. Dale says:

    “Remove skin”


    That’s just wrong.

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Turkey Carving 101 – Just in case you needed a refresher

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