Turn your Hamster into a Fighting Machine – Sunday Funny

turn your Hamster into a Fighting Machine

Everyone wants a weaponized hamster of their very own. You too can turn your hamster into a fighting machine. Make two. Stage tournaments. A rodent Battle Royal if you will. Cedar bedding does a great job soaking up blood and absorbing odors. One of these could even be a “possible modification” for the accessory-rail of an AR-15.

This passed across my Facebook feed this week, but not from the creator. I can only partially make out the artist’s signature. So if you are Joe Wagner? Walker? Weaver? …

…please drop a line to thetruthaboutknives@gmail.com so we can properly credit your awesome work. I’d be happy to share more of it with our readers.

Have a great week folks.

Here are some zoomed in versions of the text:

turn your hamster into a fighting machine


    1. Griff says:

      Oatmeal Hamster Karma Gold.

  1. Nick in TX says:

    From what I can tell from some googling, the original was done by someone named “Jared Purrington” back in ’04. http://whiteafrican.com/wp-content/hamster%20fighting%20machine.jpg The artist’s website: http://www.jaredpurrington.com/ Most of the references point to a LiveJournal user JWZ in 2005, but i’m denied access to the post – possibly deleted or may just be locked down. JWZ appears to have a blog with mainly reposted content, so my guess is that’s where he comes into this. “Joe Wa….ke…” or whatever, appears to have just added some color to the original drawing and claimed it as his own.

    1. Griff says:

      Detective Nick 🙂 Nice work.

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Turn your Hamster into a Fighting Machine – Sunday Funny

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