Twitchy Two-fer: UK “weapons sweep” and Pavlich pwns “Muskets” Morgan

UK "weapons" sweep

As the Millennials like to say, “I can’t even…”  Were we not all desensitized to the hoplophobic insanity that is going on in the UK, we probably couldn’t either. The terrifying items above were found in a recent UK “weapons sweep” of public places. I wonder if “safe disposal” was tossing them back in the kitchen drawer.

In deference to our hoplophobic UK friends, I implore you to look away from the photo I am about to insert.  This arsenal of deadly items is within arms reach of me as I sit here typing.  These things could turn on me in an instant. They could jump down and slice, impale, or bludgeon me, causing my family unspeakable grief.

So please….

Look away now…

You have been warned…

OMG!!! The horror.

I am truly sorry if I offended the delicate sensibilities of our friends from across the pond.

At any rate, Twitter had a justifiable field day with the Regents Park police.

Here are a couple of responses. Visit Twitchy for the more.

The lunacy of Londonistan Mayor Sadiq Khan, which we discussed yesterday, was cause for discussion in the Twitterverse.  Once again, Twitchy was there to document the dustup, including this absolute truth-bomb from Katie Pavlich to Piers “Muskets” Morgan.

Enter the lovely Mrs. Pavlich…

Boom. There really is nothing left to add.





    1. Yeah. I was saving it for the Sunday funny

  1. Wait what, DIY is outlawed now?

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Twitchy Two-fer: UK “weapons sweep” and Pavlich pwns “Muskets” Morgan

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