Two charged in foiled knife and bomb plot against UK Prime Minister

foiled knife and bomb plot

Bombs or Knives? How about both? Two would-be jihadi terrorists were foiled in their plot to assassinate the UK Prime Minister at her No. 10 Downing Street home and office last week, and are due to appear in court later Wednesday.

From UK Sun:

TWO men have been charged over an alleged plot to launch a suicide bombing and knife attack on 10 Downing Street to kill PM Theresa May.

Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, is accused of preparing acts of terrorism after he was arrested by officers from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command while allegedly carrying two potential IEDs last week.

Cops claim he was plotting a bomb assault on the Downing Street security gates with an explosive device hidden in a bag.

Rahman then allegedly planned to storm inside Number Ten, wearing a suicide vest and brandishing pepper spray and a knife, in a bid to kill Mrs May.

He is also accused of assisting 21-year-old Mohammed Aqib Imran, who police believe was trying to join IS.

The PM’s home in Downing Street is surrounded by a ring of steel and its main entrance protected by security gates at Whitehall.

From the sounds of it, the authorities were onto this half-baked plan from an early stage. The article doesn’t specifically say the materials were provided by undercover agents, but refer to the bomb as “inert”.

It sounds a lot like the plots that are both inspired and later foiled by counter-terrorism officers. Call it “home-sewn” rather than “home-grown” terrorism. The latter are much more worrisome.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Those danged Irishmen!!!! (/sarc)

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Two charged in foiled knife and bomb plot against UK Prime Minister

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