Two police officers stabbed in Brussels jihadi attack as ISIS calls for random knife attacks

From CNN:

A man stabbed two police officers in the Brussels district of Schaerbeek on Wednesday in what officials say was a terror attack.

A third police officer overpowered the suspect, identified only as Hicham D. The suspect was shot in the leg but his injury isn’t life-threatening, according to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office.
This comes as the ISIS-published magazine Rumiyah praises the Minnesota mall attack and calls for a “campaign of knife attacks” in which the attacker “could dispose of his weapon after each use, finding no difficulty in acquiring another one.”

From PJ Media:

Knife-wielding terrorists are advised to target smaller crowds or someone walking home from a night out or working the night shift, “or someone walking alone in a public park or rural forested area, or someone by himself in an alley close to a night club or another place of debauchery, or even someone out for a walk in a quiet neighborhood. One should consider canals, riversides, and beaches.” They further advise jihadists to carry an object like a baseball bat to inflict blunt-force trauma on victims before stabbing.

In gory detail, jihadists are encouraged to go for major organs, arteries or the neck, but not the skull as their knife blade may break. “It is advised to not necessarily attempt to fully detach the head, as the absence of technique can cause a person to spend a long time attempting to do so, that is, unless the individual’s circumstances and capabilities allow for such.”

“Lest the operation be mistaken for one of the many random acts of violence that plague the West, it is essential to leave some kind of evidence or insignia identifying the motive and allegiance to the Khalifah, even if it is something as simple as a note pinned or attached to the victim’s body,” the terror guide adds.

The article even urges would-be jihadis to eschew kitchen knives in favor of stouter, less fragile blades.

“It is explicitly advised not to use kitchen knives, as their basic structure is not designed to handle the kind of vigorous application used for assassinations and slaughter,” the article states, further advising “to avoid troublesome knives, those that can cause harm to the user because of poor manufacturing.”

Sound knife-selection advice, I’ll give them that.

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Two police officers stabbed in Brussels jihadi attack as ISIS calls for random knife attacks

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