Two women arrested following brawl, stabbings at N.J. Chuck E. Cheese

chuck e cheese stabbing

I have fond memories of Chuck E. Cheese as a kid. Visiting as an adult is a vastly different experience. My wife and I lied to our children and told them that it was only open for Birthday parties. So far it has worked. Our local Chuck E Cheese is just kinda grungy. Unlike the location in Gloucester Co. NJ, the Knoxville location has not been the site of a brawl and multiple stabbing.

From CBSPhilidelphia:

Tracy A. Jones, 47, and Stephanie L. Levengood, 24, face multiple charges following the incident that injured two people.

The Deptford Police Department says officers were dispatched shortly after 6 p.m. to the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant along the 1500 block of Almonesson Road.

When officers arrived people were actively fighting in front of and inside the restaurant, according to police.

Police say 15 to 20 people were involved in the fight.

Officials say one woman was found with a minor stab wound to her hip, and refused medical treatment at the scene.

An employee of the restaurant also sustained injuries as he attempted to separate the involved parties, according to police. His condition is unknown at this time.



  1. Sam L. says:

    I was in a Chucky Cheese once. The noise and the so-called music, it drove me mad! MAD, do you hear? MAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. But I walked out and didn’t hurt anyone.

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Two women arrested following brawl, stabbings at N.J. Chuck E. Cheese

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