U.K. MP’s murderer used homemade gun. 

source: SPLC via National Post (Canada)

Details came out overnight, in fact I saw this on our esteemed Emeritus Editor Chris Dumm’s Facebook page. I am posting this from my phone, but I wanted to bring you this wrinkle to the assassination of UK MP Jo Cox before tonight. Apparently her murderer used a homemade zip-gun in addition to the knife that he stabbed her with a half dozen times or more. 

From National Post:

Witnesses who saw the brutal assassination of British MP Jo Cox reported that a man had attacked her with a knife and what was described as a “makeshift gun.”

“Not like something you see on television,” said Hichem Ben-Abdallah, who rushed to the scene after hearing the first shot. He later told Sky News it looked like a “First World War” gun.

Although gun crime is comparably rare in Great Britain, the phenomenon of “makeshift” guns is not all that uncommon in the United Kingdom, where strict gun laws are increasingly forcing criminals to improvise.

There is no way to prevent a mind set on mayhem from finding the tools in a free society.  Then again there are plenty of hoplophobes both in Britain and here in the US that see the whole “free society” thing as an impediment to their “utopian” plans.


  1. samuraichatter says:

    Recently declassified MI5 documents mention that The Crown gave Protestant militias in N. Ireland guns during the British entifada. You know to make everyone safer 🙂

    If you can’t score a gun in Belfast then you have learned a valuable lesson which is don’t tell the English shite!

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U.K. MP’s murderer used homemade gun. 

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