UK Cops enlist metal detector hobbiests in anti-knife sweep

UK anti-knife sweep

UK Cops team up with metal detectorists in anti-knife swep (imagw via Swindon Advertiser)

Facing a 10% increase in knife-related crime UK authorities are seeking help from an unlikely source – amateur metal detectorists. Unlike in the case of the ridiculous knife turn-in bins which collect knives from law-abiding citizens, the knives these volunteers help uncover just maybe in fact have belonged to criminals.

From Swindon Advertiser:

POLICE officers flooded the parks of Swindon in an effort to take dangerous knives off the streets yesterday.

As well as a kitchen knife, officers recovered a stash of dirty drugs needles with the assistance of hobbyist metal detectorists.

Amateur detectorists from as far afield as Liverpool joined police officers as they swept seven parks and grassed areas across south Swindon.

They were looking for knives stashed by warring youths.

Sergeant David Tippetts, who led the operation, said: “We know for sure that weapons are being stashed. If you stash it, you don’t have it in your possession if you’re stopped by police.

Thank you Sergeant Obvious for your truly insightful comments. “If they don’t have it, they put it somewhere”.


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  1. Jason Julian says:

    So 13 guys (including the kid) spent an entire day, presumably, searching for stashed knives… and found one kitchen knife. Granted the stasah of dirty needles was good to get out of there, but one knife. Wow.. What a waste of resources. It was probably a paring knife someone brought along for a picnic.

    13 guys… 8 hours working shift, 104 man-hours to produce one knife that isn’t likely to be tied to any known crime or current investigation. And they’re stoked about it. Still doesn’t stop the fact that you have people running around merry ol’ England who are perfectly OK stabbing and killing people. Next it’ll be cricket bats smashing heads in. YOU STILL HAVE A HUMAN BEHAVIOR PROBLEM!

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UK Cops enlist metal detector hobbiests in anti-knife sweep

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