UK hunter caught on dashcam slashing “tyres” of anti-hunting protester


Dashcam caught the perpetrator drawing a knife before the anti-hunter’s tires were slashed.

I mentioned an incident of anti-hunting vandalism a while back, and as pointless as I found that act, I find this example of douchiness on the pro-hunting side to be equally galling. Apparently an English anti-hunting activist had pulled over and left her dashcam running when she left her car to photograph a pack of hunting dogs in the road.

From DailyMailUK:

An anti-hunting campaigner claims to have filmed the moment a hunt supporter allegedly slashed her tyre with a knife during a roadside clash.

The woman, who has asked not to be named, alleges her dashcam footage shows a supporter of a local hunting group pulling out a small silver knife as he approaches her car on the A444 in Leicestershire.

The 40-year-old, who filmed the incident on November 1, is part of the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs – a campaign group which monitors and films hunting in the region…


‘I went back towards my vehicle when the hounds were in the road and I could hear a really loud hissing noise.

‘I guessed that my tyre had been done because of the noise because that’s what happens when a tyre is being dramatically deflated.

‘From my in-car camera you can see that he comes directly, obviously with intent, across the road towards the vehicle and you can see him get into his pocket and pull out a silver object which clearly looks like a knife of some description.’

The protester believes the alleged vandal did not realise he was being filmed when he slashed the tyre because she was away from her vehicle.

And the woman, who has campaigned against hunting for 11 years, said she was trying to get the hunting group’s dogs out of the main road at the time of the incident.

Violence and vandalism are tools of the left. Don’t sink to that level. All sportsman have a duty to hold themselves to a higher standard. Anti-gunners, anti-hunters, and yes even anti-knife hoplophobes drool at the opportunity to paint our side as a bunch of unhinged cretins. Don’t give them that opportunity.

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UK hunter caught on dashcam slashing “tyres” of anti-hunting protester

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