UK seeks to increase penalties for carrying knives

District Judge Richard Williams, a member of the Sentencing Council, said: “If people carry knives, there is always the risk that they will be used, and with tragic consequences.” (From “Tougher penalties proposed for carrying a knife”)

Imagine that…if you carry a knife, you might use it. That is precisely why I carry a knife. In any given day I might find the need to break down boxes, open packaging, slice an apple, cut some twine, or any number of other tasks.  A knife is the proper tool for said tasks.

With knife-related crime rising to a 4-year high in London, they are getting desperate. So naturally they are doubling down on stupid.

The only way carrying a knife ends in tragedy is if the person carrying the knife is pathologically opposed to behaving within the bounds of society. Of course that is the situation in the UK with drunken yobs and gangs of unassimilated muslim youth terrorizing the honest citizenry (of all religions).

Unfortunately, the UK government is so afraid of offending people who have no wish to comport themselves as civilized beings (see Rotherham Rape Scandal), that they fetishize the common tools, instead of dealing with the social problems underlying the spike in violence.


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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. Its a pretty tragic turn of events, living in the UK has really changed my EDC habits- no more oversized Cold Steels 🙁

    For now, EDC legal knives (sub 3″, no lock folders) are still legal (to EDC), you can obviously still own pretty much what you want (excluding autos/gravity knives and balis).

    Strange days.

  2. Thomas Wilson says:

    The thing is that with Brexit a done deal under the leadership of Nigel Farage and UKIP it will take decades to undo the damage of the past 25-30 years of social cowardice which is to say demonizing everyday tools as weapons. Where does it end? Will they outlaw books or finger nail clippers? The point is that almost anything can be a weapon if you need it to be. Weapons bans aren’t about controlling violence it’s about people control.

  3. sagebrushracer says:

    first it was a gun problem, now its a knife problem, soon it will be a pointy stick problem….

    Tree and large shrubbery control headed your way in the UK!

    They won’t bother with small shrubbery though, the Knights who Say Kni would have a fit.

    1. cmeat says:

      you’ll need a license for eric the half- a- bee and any holy hand grenades you have laying around.
      move to antioch.

    2. Mr. Bee says:

      In Japan, if you wish to cosplay as a Harry Potter character at a con, your wand can not be longer than 6 inches, lest it be used as a weapon. Satire is dead.

  4. J zac says:

    You people let them dictate to you like this…. next they will make you cut off your Di_k to less than 1/2″. One-half inch maximum. This is blunt , Stand up for your rights.

  5. John C. says:

    Why don’t they try something radical, like punishing people who actually commit crimes with knives (and other tools), instead of limiting possession of tools, because just about anything, including hands and feet, can be used to commit crimes? Off-the-wall, I admit, but who knows? It might be so simple a solution that the Elites can not understand it, but I’ll bet it has a chance of working.

    If they succeed in outlawing anything that can be used as a weapon, without doing something about those prone to use violence to achieve their goals, the old, the female, the weak and the outnumbered will be at the notional mercy of the young, the male, the strong and the numerous. Here in the U.S., hands and feet are used in homicides more often than rifles; I doubt sociopaths in the U.K. have fewer of these than the sociopaths here…

  6. Pat says:

    Thing is I remember when every boy scout carried a five inch sheath knife, openly, on the hip. Knife crime wasn’t a problem.

  7. David Pruett says:

    Next the terrorists will start sharpening the points of their brellas. Can’t wait for Britain to ban umbrellas.

    1. Haywood Smith says:

      Remember when a Bulgarian assassin, aided by the Soviets, used an umbrella that fired a poison pellet to kill Georgi Markov in 1978?
      Also Wiki.

      1. There should be laws against assassination

  8. Tony Holden says:

    And the criminals will do what they’ve always done, ignore the law, they know they will get away with everything anyway…

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UK seeks to increase penalties for carrying knives

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