UK Weapons Amnesty nets 5-foot Klingon Bat’leth

bat'leth control

We need common sense bat’leth control

Weapons amnesties are about the dumbest, ineffectual, worthless political theater in existence, yet authorities worldwide insist on the great photo ops they provide. They do this by fetishizing the tools of violence, gaining acquiescence from the law-abiding elements of society, and doing nothing about the people who are perpetrating violence on said law-abiding people. It is a garbage system that does nothing to actually alleviate crime, but allows politicians and police to pat themselves on the back for “doing something” about violence.

They do sometimes yield some interesting finds however.

From Mirror UK:

A lethal Klingon war sword was among items handed in to police as part of a weapons amnesty .

The distinct looking five-foot blade, known as a bat’leth, comprises of four blades and is designed for use by Klingons from the Star Trek universe.

The sci-fi blade, which has two spike protrusions at each end, has three handholds on the back so the blade can be spun at high speeds.

A crossbow, wartime handguns and rifles were also handed in to police on Guernsey as part of the amnesty.


Apparently these dangerous weapons need to be banned. They are a menace to society.


Not everyone agrees. Others see the Bat’leth as a piece of useless garbage.


You can see one being made here and decide for yourself.


I personally am in the Bat’leth as garbage camp.


  1. Sam L. says:

    I see there’s some variation in bat’leth design. I see 4 hand holds in the UK pic and 3 in the illustrations, and no bat’leth at all in the robbery video (I am disappointed). I did appreciate the pointer in the middle of the UK picture for “this side toward enemy/victim”; must have been a training bat’leth.

  2. HandyDan says:

    I think the most astonishing thing about this is that anybody in the world actually takes the Bat’leth seriously. If somebody tried to menace me using a Bat’leth, I think the most scared I would be was that I couldn’t shoot straight enough due to my laughter.

  3. stuartb says:

    Chay’ ngil tlhih tich my ‘etlh

  4. Yeah, the posturing from our elected officials is borderline sickening. Absolutely useless PR wars that have zero impact on the reality of violence as it plays out in the streets.

    Look into the scourge of acid attacks in the UK by gangs, absolutely sickening and proving as usual that criminals with bad intent will find something to use, regardless of legislation or propaganda.

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UK Weapons Amnesty nets 5-foot Klingon Bat’leth

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