Update: German machete attack may have been personal dispute; different Syrian refugee blows self up


Small machete/Large knife…a distinction without much of a difference.

It turns out that the attack this afternoon where the “good guy with a car” stopped a machete-wielding Syrian refugee in Germany may have in fact stemmed from a personal dispute and not been an act of jihad.

From WSJ.com:

The police initially described the man’s weapon as a machete but later said it was a long knife, likely a kitchen knife. They said the man and woman had some kind of personal dispute, but said they didn’t yet know the nature of their relationship. Police said they weren’t able to immediately identify the woman and didn’t know her nationality.

So this might not have been “The Jihadi Attack of the Day”. I apparently jumped the gun  in making that declaration in my earlier post. I needed to wait a couple of hours, when another Syrian “asylum seeker” blew himself up at a restaurant outside of Nuremberg. The blast wounded 7, and the bomber is currently discovering that whole virgin thing was a crock of crap.

From DailyMailUK:

The suicide bomber who injured 12 people when he blew himself up at a German music festival was a Syrian man who was denied asylum in the country, officials have revealed.

The 27-year-old bomber is said to have detonated the explosive device near a music festival in Ansbach, near Nuremberg.

He is thought to have been turned away from the open-air event filled with 2,500 people, which may have been his intended target.

The blast tore through the busy area at around 10pm local time on Sunday.  It comes as Germany remains on high alert in the wake of three other violent attacks across the country in just one week.

So to recap, the first incident remains an attempted mass-killing that was stopped by a good guy with a car. The second incident likewise did not involve firearms, though details of the explosives involved are not yet public.

I stand duly chastised for making an assumption about the motive in the first attack. I stand by my statement that media has blood on its hands for continuing to obfuscate the Islamist nature of so much malfeasance from the Rotherham rapes to this past week’s shooting at the Munich mall – which some are trying to tie to Norwegian spree killer Anders Breivik.


  1. cmeat says:

    your conclusion was not exactly a long shot.

  2. Paul Rain says:

    Good on you, but when it comes down to it it really doesn’t matter if it’s terrorism or not..
    * Do they belong there? No.
    * Do they provide any benefit? No.
    * Do they cause an inordinate amount of problems? Hell yes.

    You just have to look at the results of bringing in Somali refugees (just about the most insane decision any politician can make). If they don’t commit acts of terror, impose Sharia law by force, or other standard Mohammedan practices, they’re raising plain old crime rates by at least five (Sydney, Australia) to ten (Denmark) times.

    In this case, I doubt that the story behind how this particular cuckoo came to kill this poor Polish woman is particularly romantic.

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Update: German machete attack may have been personal dispute; different Syrian refugee blows self up

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