Video: A fisher-woman with mad fillet skills

Live Bluegrass, free beer, and a whole bunch of fishing guides.

I want to start by thanking David for picking up the slack over the past couple of days. I just got back from a brief trip across the mountain to Asheville, NC for the 2016 Orvis Guide Rendezvous. This is an annual event (actually one in east and one in Montana for western guides) where fishing guides and others who have an affiliation with the Orvis Company to network with each other and the Fishing Managers from the company’s stores throughout the region. There are meetings discussing marketing strategy, gear development, and other subjects related to running a guide service. There are also plenty of opportunities to socialize and cut loose a bit. It was a nice to unwind and it always helps get me fired up for the coming season.

I have a full plate of links that have piled up over the past few days, and I will get to work on the backlog tonight and tomorrow morning. For now make the jump to see a video of a not-unattractive female deckhand with some master-level fillet knife skills. Enjoy.

A quick disclosure note: I am an Orvis Endorsed Flyfishing Guide. This program is a marketing partnership where I am vetted by Orvis, and I buy into the program. In exchange I receive a tremendous amount of exposure and support from Orvis.

All Endorsed partners, myself included, are featured prominently on the Orvis website and in their catalogs. I also receive discounts on equipment, though I am not contractually obligated to use Orvis gear. With only a few exceptions I do however, because I truly feel that their rods, reels, and waders are among the best in the world. Most of their rods are made in their factory in Manchester, Vermont, as they have been for much of the company’s 150+ year history.

I _needed_ another rod. I swear.



  1. cmeat says:

    the orvis catalog used to always have a couple few pages of nice knives and… guns! fancy shotties if i recall, limited edition stuff. not so much anymore. i wonder if it wasn’t lucrative or if it was more pc influenced.

  2. They still do.

    They are making a conscious branding effort to get away from “Old Guys in Tweed drinking Scotch and talking about bamboo fly rods” image. They publish a hunting specific catalog that you can sign up for online. They have an Endorsed program for dog breeders, and actually run a full blown Clay and Trap facility.

    Page space inside the catalogs is at a premium, and expensive shotguns, while awesome, do not move many units.

    Orvis is big in conservation, which plays on both the fishing and hunting sides. There is some PC global warming stuff going on, but I agree and support the fight against the Pebble Mine personally. They support hunting conservation organizations as well as fishing, habitat restoration, etc.

    It is a solid company. Definitely in the “Fudd” category, but they aren’t looking to get involved in anything outside of their sphere.

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Video: A fisher-woman with mad fillet skills

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