Video: A different sort of Samaritan knife use

In less than three minutes he risks his life to save a life…. and amazingly the animal knows to remain quiet … He deserves respect …Let's share videos of men who helps animals live 🙂 <3We are Loving the world to peace, to officially join in LIKE: Breathing for Peace – we aim to organically (with no paid advertisement) to gather 1 Million people to practice 3 breaths 3 x daily inhaling peace into them and releasing peace to the world, thank you for your help.For more about the guy behind the camera click here:

Posted by Breathing for Peace on Thursday, November 19, 2015

To non-hunters who try and paint sportsmen as bloodthirsty killers devoid of compassion, this video must seem very odd. While it does not appear that the hero of the clip was actually hunting at the time, a quick google search will reveal countless stories of hunters actually saving game from entanglements, from having fallen through ice, and plenty of other situations. While I have never been in this situation myself, I believe I would act in a similar manner given the opportunity.

Most responsible hunters believe in karma, they abhor suffering. For most hunters it is not about killing, it is about a contest between prey and predator, requiring patience, knowledge and skill, that only culminates in the shot itself.

(h/t WideOpenSpaces)


  1. Sam L. says:

    Excellent! That looked like quite a ball of twine, and I wonder how the buck got into it.

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Video: A different sort of Samaritan knife use

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