Video: an interview with Ernest Emerson

Reader James passed me this piece from the Loadout Room. It is an interview with Emerson Knives founder Ernest Emerson. I am less familiar with Emerson than I am with some other production companies. Their knives have a bit more of a premium price than Benchmade or Spyderco’s mainstream offerings. Fact is I haven’t yet managed to cultivate contacts at Emerson, and by the time my budget for personal acquisitions expanded into the $200-$300 range my tastes have favored the lower-priced custom blades like my Kim Breed Model 15 and LT Wright Canadian Belt Knife.

Emerson is on my list of companies to reach out to. Hopefully I can find a rare moment when their booth at the Blade Show is not overflowing with people. As a general rule I shy away from bothering industry folks when they are interacting with paying customers.

I did enjoy watching the video though, and getting to hear a little of Ernest Emerson’s story. I especially enjoyed hearing about the early days of the company, and how Ernest’s martial arts experiences shaped his company and knifemaking philosophy (from the video):

“Efficiency of motion, economy of action, never do anything that’s useless, always do everything with a purpose, translates directly to my knives”

To the extent that I have handled Emerson knives, I can see the attention to detail that Ernest describes. I look forward to hopefully making inroads with them in the future.


  1. bastiches says:

    “Hopefully I can find a rare moment when their booth at the Blade Show is not overflowing with people.”

    Most trade shows have a ‘early entry’ window, just after the vendors are supposed to be finished with their setup.

    Looking at the Blade Show website, they have a Blade University opening on Thurs. Buy the University ticket and perhaps you can go directly to the floor. If you have a Press admit, you shouldn’t really have to do this, but every show has rules.

    Of course, always best to contact the companies’ media person before-hand.

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Video: an interview with Ernest Emerson

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