Video: BBC documents The Rise of violence on London’s streets

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In the short feature “On a knife edge: The rise of violence on London’s streets”, the BBC cameras capture a moped-gang’s armed theft of a deliveryman’s bike, anti-knife activists speaking with at-risk youth, the discovery of stashed knives in parks, and interviews a gang member who is a “habitual knife carrier”.

From BBC:

Across England and Wales an incident involving a blade or sharp object takes place, on average, every 14 minutes. Of the 37,000 incidents in the past 12 months, more than 13,000 offences were committed in London.



The situation is entirely out of control, and yet knife-related criminal prosecutions are actually falling across the country.

From the Independent:

Knife crimes are rising across the country – but police forces are prosecuting fewer cases, according to new data.

Freedom of Information responses from 30 out of 43 police forces across England and Wales, obtained by BBC News, found that the number of knife crimes that led to perpetrators being charged or taken to court has fallen by 8 per cent from 2015 to 2016.

The political class seems completely incapable of dealing with the problem of youth violence. It isn’t just knives. Acid attacks are on the rise as authorities try to focus their attention on knives. Police chase the symptom, including the confiscation of sticks, instead of tackling the social problems underlying the violence.



  1. Sam L. says:

    The English have surrendered to the yobs. Britain is no longer Great.

    1. cmeat says:

      young’s winter warmer is pretty great.

  2. 0007 says:

    Of course crime reports are going down. If actual knife/acid attacks crimes were being reported by “{Peele’s finest”(the ones that ignored and continue to ignore the diverse rape gangs), they would probably show a “disproportionate” number of those crimes being committed by members that diverse crowd deliberately brought in by the labor party to replace home-grown Brits.

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Video: BBC documents The Rise of violence on London’s streets

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