Video: DiResta makes a “Big Giant Knife” from a reclaimed sawblade

I don’t have much time tonight for anything more substantial, I need to get back to the vise and tie flies for a guide trip tomorrow. So please excuse the relatively quick post.

Jimmy DiResta is the King of Tool Reclamation, at least in my opinion. We have shared many of his videos in the past, he really has mastered the art of the time-lapse. In this video he makes a giant knife from an old saw blade that has been rusting in the woods on his property. I love how he shows the entire process.

I understand that old saw-blades make excellent knives. The steel has a high carbon content and holds a great edge due to the demands of their initial incarnation. That said, there is a finite supply of them, and they are getting rarer all the time. I have been looking for one to hang on the outside of my workshop, and I can’t seem to find one at a price that is acceptable for a decorative hanger. When I do, I don’t think I could destroy it, even if I were to turn it into something functional. There are too many old files and the like that also make great knives that do not have quite the same “soul” for lack of a better term.

Maybe it is just the woodworker in me talking. What say you?


  1. Sam L. says:

    I was expecting him to make it from a twp handed saw. (I don’t think this saw blade would look nearly as decorative on your wall as a misery whip.)
    I’m surprised he sharpened the blade and didn’t tape the blade before putting on the grip scales.

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Video: DiResta makes a “Big Giant Knife” from a reclaimed sawblade

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