Video: Green Beetle forges a Frontier Knife from a wagon wheel (and a Question of the Day)

I don’t have any plans to see the remake of Magnificent Seven but the original makes my Top 5 list. While the movie The Revenant is what inspires this maker to forge a Frontier Knife from a wagon wheel, the Western theme caught my eye. And Green Beetle puts out some great knifemaking videos.

Even if you don’t have 20 minutes, try to watch the first 4:00. It is a great demonstration of a “spark test” to determine the amount of carbon in the metal and whether or not it is suitable for knifemaking. When the wagon wheel steel comes in poor, he demonstrates the process of carburizing the steel – using a catalyzing salt and carbon to transform it into a higher carbon steel.

For those moving onto the rest of the video, you see that his first attempt didn’t work, but the  second did, and he begins to forge the blade whilst mixing in a bit of a history lesson along the way.

Since we are on the subject of Magnificent Seven and Revenant, I figure I would put in a couple of plugs for prior posts. First, we did a “5 from the Grinder” feature with Michael Mann, the man who actually forged the knives for Revenant. He is a master of period correct historical knives, and I was thrilled he agreed to participate.

I have asked a couple of “knives in cinema” Questions of the Day. One asked who was the biggest “blade wielding badass” and the other “what is the most iconic knife scene“. Seems like a logical time to revisit the topic.

What is your favorite knife-related scene from a movie? 


For the record, I still go with the shower scene from Psycho as the most iconic.

And I will always put Red at the top of the bad-ass list, in this my favorite scene.


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Video: Green Beetle forges a Frontier Knife from a wagon wheel (and a Question of the Day)

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