Video: How things should have been handled in Charlottesville: Ridicule and Scorn

The neo-Nazi/KKK protesters want attention. They want to be seen as victims. They came wanting a fight, and the antifa-anarchists did too. Add to that the police who were simply sitting back and not trying to tamp down the violence, and you have an explosive situation that could have been completely avoided.

It would have been better if the counter-protesters simply treated the supremacist douchebags the way they deserve to be treated: with ridicule and scorn.

There is blood on the hands of both sides, and the political authorities as well. I say that without excusing the acts of the driver who has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Obviously, I am thrilled that this scumbag is going to face trial and hopefully never see the light of day again. It just should have never happened in the first place.

Instead, we get this:

As David W. said last night:

I am having a WTF moment too. Am I alone? Is Eden burning or is it burnt?

Historically, most wars smolder instead of blowing up. So far America is just smoldering. Am I being positive or cynical for being thankful for that?

Stay safe everyone. This is going to get worse before it gets better. People say that we are returning to the 60’s. I just hope it is the 1960’s, not the 1860’s.



  1. Ourorboros says:

    That’s okay, the police were out today. There was a police line and counter snipers to protect a Neo-Nazi spokes”man” from a crowd. And while they didn’t stop fights & 12 on 1 beatings (by the “superior” party) yesterday, they stopped the alt-right guy from getting beaten.

    Maybe in addition to ridicule, we should point out how the neo-Nazi driver used an ISIS tactic. Tie them to something everybody hates.

    Oh, and Mike Godwin of Godwin’s Law said “By all means, compare these shitheads to Nazis”.

    1. If it walks like a duck…

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Video: How things should have been handled in Charlottesville: Ridicule and Scorn

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