Video: How to heat treat with charcoal

Walter Sorrells is one of my favorite YouTube knifemakers. His videos are both technically clear and crisp as is his instruction. His “Would the real Damascus please stand up?” video is one of the clearest explanations that I have ever seen (other than Will Woods’ The Truth About Damascus of course). He puts the debate to rest with his mic-drop worthy knowledge-bomb.

In his latest video he show how to heat treat a homemade blade with the simplest setup possible. His rig for this inexpensive setup is nothing more than a 2′ length of iron pipe, a hairdryer, a bag of hardwood charcoal, a magnet, and a gallon of cooking oil for quenching.

It seems like a good way for someone who wants to dip a toe in the knifemaking world to get a start with an extremely minimal investment.

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Video: How to heat treat with charcoal

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