Video: Joerg Sprave micro-slingshot and Airzooka outtakes

This latest video from the SlingShot Channel starts off tame enough, with Joerg demonstrating a tiny micro-slingshot which shoots both ball-bearings and arrows. That little slingshot is both extremely accurate, and can shoot an arrow over 80 yards.

Fair enough. But when Joerg switches to a project-in-progress, an “Airzooka”, mayhem ensues – with several premature discharges showing that there is still work to do before that monstrosity is ready for prime-time.

And since this is ostensibly my Sunday Funny Post, and ball-bearings a part of the original video, I figure I will leave you all with this classic clip:

Have a great Sunday folks. Please Pray for Gatlinburg if you are so inclined.

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Video: Joerg Sprave micro-slingshot and Airzooka outtakes

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