Video: Knife-wielding Ice Cream Thief goes on live Facebook rant

If not for the video, an incident like this would likely not make it past the Police Blotter page of a local paper. Broadcast live on Facebook, and the story gets picked up as far away as Australia. That is what happened when a Staten Island man pulled a large knife on a deli-clerk, and asked to be filmed as he went on a fairly incoherent rand. While stealing an ice cream cone.


“You gotta record me, I got a knife,” the 30-year-old man reportedly said.
The video, posted to the employee’s Facebook page, shows the suspect pulling a knife from his pocket and showing it to the deli employee.
Clutching a stolen ice cream cone, the man then embarks upon a bizarre tirade.
“Now I’m going to eat it whether you like it or not. Right or wrong?” the man can be heard saying.
“How much money you got in here! At the end of the day, I could buy this store.”
Police reportedly arrived around just before 9am and arrested the suspect.
Store employee Aziz-Alserahi said the robbery left him feeling “nervous but at the same time not nervous”.
“The best thing to do in that situation is to listen to the person,” he said.
“Stay cool, let him say what he wants.”
The 30-year-old knifeman is facing seven charges, including robbery and criminal possession of a weapon.

Just a bizarre incident caught on video. Dude is lucky that he was in the hoplophobes paradise of NYC. In a lot of jurisdictions he could at least be staring down the barrel of a gun, if not worse. Bystanders are lucky the NYPD wasn’t there to wound them if they opted to try and take the guy out.

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Video: Knife-wielding Ice Cream Thief goes on live Facebook rant

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