Video: Knifemaker responds to Cold Steel SAN MAI C&D letters

To be completely honest, this story fascinates me. I just don’t understand what Lynn Thompson is thinking, even if he did write an open letter explaining what he is thinking. I could almost understand a few targeted letters in extreme cases, but the blanket approach is creating a wave of ill-will towards Cold Steel. From what I gather from my cruising of online forums, it appears the letters number in the dozens if not scores.

One smith to receive a Cease and Desist letter from Mr. Thompson was Trenton Tye of Purgatory Ironworks. Trenton had a brush with internet stardom for his viral video debunking the 9-11 jet fuel/steel-melting conspiracy (below the jump). He is also a Forged in Fire alumnus, and makes some awesome looking blades and other metalwork items.

In the above video, Trenton explains the suit, and if you listen through he makes a very humorous suggestion to circumvent legal action from Cold Steel.

Cold Steel San Mai cease and desist

If you watch the video at the top, you will understand.

I actually didn’t connect Trenton with this video which I first saw last year. When I clicked on his YouTube channel, I saw that I had already watched it. It really does truth-bomb the tin-foil hat brigade. At least on this particular line of argument.



  1. Sam L. says:

    Sly, funny, and BackAtYa, Lynn!

  2. elcas says:

    we should just stop buying anything from them at least for some time just to make them realize that the knife community doesn’t like that type of abuse

    1. AJ187 says:

      There is no community. Just one forum looking for a black hole of controversy to fill their vapid lives with substance. Pretty pathetic. How will they ever lust over overpriced knives from makers like this when Cold Steel makes the same quality at an affordable price.

      Thompson has to defend it all or nothing. Grow up.

  3. Carl inTO says:

    Trenton Tye definitely has a great sense of humor. If his treatment of Lynn Thompson or his steel bending “get a job” video hasn’t convinced you, check out his Facebook page.
    Having said that, when running koku saka through google translate I got “or body of” in English. Also, Google translate renders black hills as burakku hiru in Japanese. Although I do not regard Google anything as infallible I do think the term koku saka require further investigation. Koku saka certainly applies to Lynn Thompson in an onamonapoetic sense at least.

  4. sagebrushracer says:

    poop on cold steel for trying to lawyer the world to death. Koku saka…. heh.

    Still like thier Triad locking mechanism. And when I need a decent, affordable knife, cold steel and mora are still on the list.

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Video: Knifemaker responds to Cold Steel SAN MAI C&D letters

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