Video: Processing 150lb tuna with the “Bubba Blade”

One of the sites I check on a regular basis is the blog It is the hunting/shooting/fishing/outdoor version of a viral media site. However, if you are into outdoor pursuits, the links don’t disappoint.

The above video is a promo for a knife called the Bubba Blade. WideOpenSpaces blogged/posted a link to it the other day.  The Bubba Blade seems like a reasonably capable processing/fillet knife. On one hand I am skeptical of knives with a gimmicky name and offshore manufacturing, but I used a bit of Google-fu on the testimonial folks, and people seem legitimate enough. Mostly folks of recognizable-name in the world of saltwater charter fishing.

More important than endorsements are the technical details and the video evidence.

The knife is made from 8Cr13MoV, a legitimate steel of Chinese manufacture. It is commonly found in Kershaw and Spyderco blades from China. The knives have 6-12″ blades and carry a price tag from $50-$75 which seems in line with the material and size. They are available in hunting, fillet, machete, and even chef’s style blades. The handle is oversized and rubberized, with a sub-hilt for your finger. It looks to give good grip in slimy situations like the bowels of a fish.

I might send an email to the company and see if I can play both the TTAK and fishing guide cards. Hopefully, I can get my hands on one to test. Mostly, I just thought the video was pretty impressive.

Another video that they linked to:



  1. dph says:

    Bubba Blade is a dead link. Here is a good link

    1. Fixed in post as well. Thanks.

  2. I_Like_Pie says:

    I have said it before….8Cr13MoV is a pretty good steel if it is coming from someone who knows how to heat treat like Kershaw.

    Sharpens up easily and holds a pretty good edge. People lament about it not being US steel…that ship sailed a long time ago and is not coming back. If we can exploit China to our advantage in the form of cheap goods – so be it.

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Video: Processing 150lb tuna with the “Bubba Blade”

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