Video released of 2015 New Orleans Airport machete attack


Somehow this flew under my radar last year. I obviously don’t pass along every example of criminal edged-tool use, but this one was a flat out miss on my part. Apparently, 63-year old Richard White attacked passengers and TSA officers at a checkpoint at the Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans back in March of 2015.

He started with a can of insecticide spray, before pulling a machete from his leg and swinging it wildly. He was shot by a Sheriff Lieutenant and died of his wounds the next day. Investigators discovered Molotov cocktails, a grill lighter and letter-opener in his bag, and an acetylene tank in his car. Seems like Mr. White was not particularly choosy in his choice of tools.

From CNN:

Newly released video — obtained by the New Orleans Advocate — shows the first moments of the March 2015 attack at the city’s airport which ended with the shooting of the machete-wielding man. The attacker later died from three bullet wounds inflicted by a sheriff’s lieutenant.
In the video, the man — identified as Richard White, 63 — is seen at the top of the frame as he calmly walks up to a line of travelers at a TSA checkpoint at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.
He pulls a can of wasp spray from a bag and unleashes streams onto travelers as people begin to disperse. The man is then seen pulling a machete from his waistband and swinging its blade at people standing in line.
The only major injury (outside of the dead perp) was a TSA officer who was hit in the arm by a stray bullet.


  1. Sam L. says:

    I don’t remember hearing about that before.

  2. simonVicAustralia says:

    the machete certainly set the metal detector off! security theatre works!

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Video released of 2015 New Orleans Airport machete attack

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