Video: Rigoni Ironworks forges a colonial-era axe

John Rigoni is the proprietor of Rigoni Ironworks, and in this video he forges a beautiful colonial-era axe. It is a great example of construction of a laminated axe head, similar to a “san-mai” knife, with an edge of harder steel sandwiched between two outer layers of softer steel. You can check out more of John’s work on his Instagram page as well.

Above is a time-lapse version, below the jump is the full 5 minute one.


Apologies for the short post, but I had a bit of trouble formatting pictures for tomorrow’s  “5 from the Grinder” post. It will feature a talented 18 year old maker named Nichole Lindstrand. You have probably never heard of her, but be sure to check it out. You will definitely be hearing more about her in the future.

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Video: Rigoni Ironworks forges a colonial-era axe

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