Video: The “Spetsnaz” survival tool


“Spetsnaz” survival tool

A hat tip to my brother for sending this my way. I had never heard of this apparently ubiquitous tool from the eastern block. This thing is a beast, and can even be used for cutting a hole in a car roof.

The video below comes from Survival Russia. An explanation of the features is capped off by a demonstration of the above-mentioned car-chopping ability.

As described in this Armslist post:

The knife has many features: Bakelite handle and a storage compartment in it, an awl and carbon steel blade (The blade is so tough, that you can chop a framing nail in half with a few strikes. It made from special steel 65G)
Also it has a saw blade, digging edge, serration that is meant for sawing bones, a ruler and protractor.
Here is Factory Description about this Survival Machete:
” This tool is intended for emergency rescuing works, and also may be used by sport tourists, mountaineers, farmers, hunters, and fishers. The tool is especially effective when used as: axe, saw, spade, knife, screwdriver, ruler or wrench”


For those wanting to skip the video, video-maker describes the tool as more of a piece of nostalgia than something your overage Russian woodsman would carry. It would look cool in a collection, but not for the $400 wanted on Armslist.



  1. Hannibal says:

    Just like all those “Navy Seal Watch” ads I see here I largely ignore anything that has to market itself by claiming to be used by some special ops group without it being well known to be a fact. Even then.

  2. boardsnbikes says:

    I have a friend–we ALL have THAT friend–who would be very into it.

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Video: The “Spetsnaz” survival tool

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