Video: Throwing Knives With A Slingshot?

Image courtesy The Slingshot Channel

For your entertainment, I present more edged silliness from Joerg Sprave and his Slingshot Channel. Don’t worry: he’s not about to fire a throwing knife into the back of his left hand, because…

Because he built this outrageous throwing knife gun instead. I’m pretty impressed with the penetration he gets into that wood plank. I’m thinking it would extend the range if he added some fins or feathers to the handle of the throwing knives. That wouldn’t look strange, would it?


  1. jwm says:

    Hey, bait and switch. I was expecting wrist mounted lawnmower launchers. Seriously, I’d love to have this guy for a neighber.

    1. Tom says:

      Dunno, wouldn’t want to get trapped in his basement.

      1. jwm says:

        As long as it’s 2 consenting adults.

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Video: Throwing Knives With A Slingshot?

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