Video: Walter Sorrells discusses how to start knifemaking

First and foremost, Walter suggests starting small. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. You don’t need a gigantic fully automated shop. You can make knives at the kitchen table, though “Your spouse won’t like this very much”. You don’t need 100 different hammer styles. Just start with the basics, and refine your technique through repetition.

I love Walter’s videos. He explains things clearly in a very approachable manner. When he uses jargon, he takes the time to explain it rather than trying to dazzle and overwhelm.

What I really like about this video in particular he describes the different levels of necessary equipment, giving both the bare-bones and well-equipped options a good explanation.

The video goes onto explain the materials you need to make and finish a knife. In the end he manages to boil down a topic that can be entirely overwhelming into something the viewer can approach with a “Can Do” attitude. And attitude is the most important thing a fledgling maker can bring to the hobby. Not being afraid to fail, get lost, etc. No one is judging you.

“Just enjoy the rush”.

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Video: Walter Sorrells discusses how to start knifemaking

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