Video: World Record deer-skinner?

I have field-dressed a couple of deer when I lived in Ohio. I didn’t skin and butcher them myself, the processor had a reputation for making awesome breakfast sausage and frankly the packaging alone was worth the price. The biggest animal I have fully processed was a goat in Kenya (I get bonus point for using homemade stone tools). The last animal I skinned was the groundhog I shot for my Will Woods Kraken review. 

The video above is claiming to be the world’s fastest deer skinning. They beat the previous YouTube claimant, and objectively are quite fast, but I am sure their is some Amish guy without a videocamera that would beat even this.

For those who want to watch the rest of the butchery process, this is an excellent video from a British butcher.

(h/t WideOpenSpaces)

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Video: World Record deer-skinner?

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