Video: Xolette’s 4-day, 6-meter Challenge from Hell

The hardest thing about throwing knives is matching rotation to distance, so that the point hits first, and hits clean. The longer the throw, the higher the margin of error. Small mistakes are magnified with greater distance.

A 6 meter throw is hella-long. In a rotational throw, you typically get a half-turn for each 8 feet. Translate that to 6 meters (19.7 feet), and you are looking at a very awkward distance. Add to this the challenge of switching back and forth to a no-spin style, and the mental and technical gymnastics are fairly extreme.

The think I love about Xolette’s videos is how she shows the endless hours of practice and failure. Just like professional golfers get the shanks, and professional fishing guides get skunked – knife throwers miss – a lot.

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Video: Xolette’s 4-day, 6-meter Challenge from Hell

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