Video: Yes, jet fuel can weaken steel

There are 343 sets of bunker gear in the photo above. One for every firefighter who perished on September 11, 2001. Having worn the gear, I can relate to this facet of the bigger picture. I have been inside burning buildings. I can imagine the state of mind of those going to work, climbing up the stairs while others descend. I have experienced the same mix of thoughts, excitement, and fear that they had – moments before the towers came down.

Today we remember all of those that died, civilian and first-responder, on that infamous day. As our friends of the Jewish persuasion commonly say – “May their memory be a blessing”.

My friend once said that while I am a long way from a tin-foil hat, I am “at least a Wrigley gum wrapper”. I just like to think that I am cynical enough by this point in my life that I don’t fully trust our supposed “betters” when it comes to the party line. That said, if I truly believed that 9-11 was an inside job, I would have to be manning the barricades and could not go about my life just complaining about it on the internet.

One of the most commonly cited conspiracy theories about the collapse of the towers is that jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel. Whooptie-effing-do. Anyone who has moved metal can tell you that forging is not smelting. You do not heat to the point of liquification, you heat to the point where the crystalline structure of the metal becomes pliable. Outside forces such as a hammer, or in the case of the Twin Towers – gravity, does the rest.

But don’t take my word for it. Trenton Tye of Purgatory Ironworks demonstrates why this particular conspiracy theory needs to be put to rest forever.

Stay safe everyone. Especially those who wear the gear.


  1. Ed says:

    Ok, so explain to me how building seven went down without impact or fire? Some people just refuse to see the truth.

    1. Ok, so if it is the “truth”, how do you go about your daily life in a society so corrupted? What are you doing about it?

      As far as building 7- there was a considerable fire, fueled by diesel tanks in the building for hours. The building had been completely engulfed in the shock wave of the dual collapses and resulting debris.

      When I compare a relatively low-tech plot (hijacking airliners) to the complexity of a conspiracy the magnitude of 9-11, Occam’s Razor wins for me. Sorry.

  2. ad-lib says:

    …who said it wasn’t affected by fire? some people just refuse to see the truth.

  3. Long Island Mike says:

    Pearl Harbor and Lincoln assassination still have folks debating. Having worked a block away from the towers and breathed the smell of the burning pile for months, dusted off the gray dust from my clothing. Lost customers and neighbors and coworkers. Worked for Fed LE in Building 6. Was in garage a couple days before 1993 blast. In WTC 2 days before 2001. Late for 9am subway on that day.

    I don’t have a closed mind. Some of the truther stuff is pure BS. Some stuff makes me think twice, like the “missing” black boxes. Even though workers swear they found them in the pile. Closed minds kindof scares me.

    Most of all I remember those 343 firefighters and the thousands others dead and affected. No arguments will bring them back. No arguments will sauve the wounds. I remember my Dads WWII generation who kicked around Pattons death or FDRs. None of this is worth anger or more than passing emotion. I am a fatalist. It is all done. We have to move on. There are lots of bad guys around that need killing today.

  4. Ed says:

    Where are the pictures of all the plane wreckage at the pentagon? Oh yeah, there is none.

  5. Gordon says:


    Where are the thousands of people in cars on nearby roads who watched the plane fly into the Pentagon? Oh, right. They exist and were interviewed. But hey, don’t let real life get in the way.

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Video: Yes, jet fuel can weaken steel

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