Videos: Krav Maga knife-defense explained

It is a conscious decision on my part to not write too much about self-defense as I am not an expert and it is not always easy to separate the wheat from the chaff. There are a lot of internet commandos out there who are more than happy to show off their ideas which might not be actually tested under real-world conditions. I would rather not offer advice at all than to offer bad advice.

That said, I have been taking Krav Maga for a little over a year now, and will be testing for my Orange Belt this coming Saturday. The 3 knife defenses that will be on my test are Overhand (icepick) Stab, Underhand Stab, and Slash. I am comfortable sharing these 3 videos as they are extremely close to textbook and what I have been practicing repeatedly in preparation for my test.

I wish that these videos were in English, rather than subtitled, but the explanations are spot on.

The official Krav Maga Worldwide system does not introduce weapon-defense until the advanced belts. Terry Bullman,owner of the gym where I train has been developing his own modified curriculum which teaches them much-earlier in training. Gun from the front defense is actually part of the Yellow Belt Test, and for Orange I will be required to demonstrate gun-defense from the front, back, and side, as well as the 3 knife defenses illustrated here.

The 3rd video (part 4) illustrates what I have been taught about slash defense in the first 2:35. From that point on I feel less qualified to offer comment as I have not learned those techniques yet myself.

I have had Saturday circled on my calendar for over 2 months now. I don’t feel quite as sharp as I did before my Yellow test in February, both in fitness and in knowing my techniques cold. I have been “cramming” this week, attending 4 classes in the last 2 days. The test itself will be between 4-5 hours, with the first 3 being the entire Yellow Belt test, before they are done and the Orange students will cover all of their material, before finishing with sparring.

The Yellow test was the most intense workout I have had since playing college lacrosse, and I am not looking forward to what I am about to endure on Saturday. I am very much looking forward to the feeling I will experience the moment it is over.


  1. Simon Tanner says:

    All the best on your test. Knife defense is no joke. It’ll be tough but I expect you’l be fine.

    1. Thanks. I attended classes 5&6 in 3 days this evening. I am getting closer to feeling like I have a handle on all of the material. 2 more classes Thursday, 1 friday, and then the test on Saturday.

      It’s on.

      (my forearms look like hamburger at this point – bruised from wrist to elbow. They take a beating when you are blocking them into shins and and attacker’s forearms)

    2. I passed if anyone was curious.

      1. Cubbie says:

        Congratulations! And thanks for the vids. Some type of hand-to-hand defense has been on my to-do list for awhile and Krav Maga is one of them.

        1. Thanks.

          When I was younger I took a little KungFu and TaiChi (as a martial art, not senior citizen interpretive dance)

          Unlike the Eastern martial arts, Krav is about self-protection, not self-perfection. There is none of the superfluous philosophical stuff. Purely about how to react to a threat and counterattack

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Videos: Krav Maga knife-defense explained

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