The Vintage Leather Handled Knife (From Ammoland)

Leather Handled Knife

There is something wonderful about the feel of a well-loved stacked leather handled knife. Even more than micarta, there is a tactile feedback between the leather and the hand that makes the tool feel like an extension of your body.

Ammoland Author Tom Claycomb waxes nostalgic about the leather handled knife in this solid read. He also goes into some detail on care and restoration of leather handles.

From Ammoland :

Nowadays, nothing epitomizes the old school leather handled knife era like Case XX knives does it? If I remember correctly back in the day a company named Western Knives made a lot of the leather handled knives but to my knowledge they went out of business and sold a few times ending up in the hands of an Asian company.

But have no fear, if you’d like to purchase a leather handled knife to remind you of old times, Case XX carries a line. Here’s a few of the ones that I like:

I have the 323-5 Part # 10342 SKU 221016. It’s a nice stout knife with a 5-inch upswept blade.

I also like the Part # 10344 SKU 221018

And, the 385 SKU 225255

Nothing would be cooler than gutting your deer with an old school leather knife is there? Might as well be wearing an old school red plaid wool shirt to further top off visuals for the picture. I noticed that knifecountryusa carries the above three knives as well as a few more.

One thing that I’ve noticed while hitting at the local gun shows is that most of the old leather handled knives are in rough shape. So, let’s talk about taking care of them for a moment. If you never properly dry out your boots or oil them what do you think they’d look like in 5 years? Much less 30, 40 or even 50 yrs.

Most people figure their boots have a 3-6 yr. life so we can deduct from that we’d better treat our leather handle knives different if we want them to last for a long time. We’ve got to get a different mindset for these knives. You following my drift?

Read the whole thing.


  1. Sam L. says:

    The only leather-handled knife I have I got when I was a Boy Scout (LO! those many years ago). It’s in storage, so I can’t name the manufacturer.

  2. Dennis says:

    Your “Read the whole thing” link is missing…..

    1. It was at the top of the block quote. But I added it to the bottom too.

  3. I will double check. Thanks.

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The Vintage Leather Handled Knife (From Ammoland)

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