Votepocalypse Open Thread; I bought a blowgun

I lit the wood stove for the first time of the year and am pacing back and forth in the shop. Last time around, I was surprised that Romney did not outlast my cigar, and already tonight The Donald has made a better show of it.

A Trump win is better for the Second Amendment, and that alone would have won him my vote were I not a citizen of the one-party theocracy that is Tennessee. And Hildebeast makes it hard to teach my children civics. (“Some animals are more equal than others”)

So here I am, pacing my shop, playing with the blowgun I bought for Game 7 last week. Darts alone are not enough on a night like this.

Leave your thoughts on the election returns, blowguns, or antidisestablismentarianism in the comments below.


  1. On Wisconsin!

    (Holy F@ckballs!)

  2. cmeat says:

    navy beats notre dame (kelly’s ship is sunk).
    wrigley now has a win to go with comiskey in my lifetime.
    red (sort of) prexy, house and senate. and hyde park’s scotus nomination will be denied. i knew for sure the moment i heard wifey screaming obsenities from the living room at 04:00. there will be winners and losers.
    i left “ding dong, the witch is dead” running on loop before i left for work.

    we enjoyed a blowgun immensly as teens- why haven’t i acted on the desire to purchase a good takedown model? i’ve thought about it for decades. that needs to change. enjoy, those things are cool.

  3. Sam L. says:

    My Schadenfreude knows NO bounds!
    Schadenfreude: (German) (noun): The joy one experiences when someone fails/screws up.

      1. cmeat says:

        guilty as well. just a few days ago i asked for jason kipnis tears at the coffee shop. this morning i asked for prog tears.
        what i don’t get is why there isn’t an online “butthurt” channel. there were no shots of cleveland players and fans crushed by defeat. that would go so well with writhing liberals having breakdowns and seizures. seems like a lucrative endeavour to me.

        1. I have been a Tribe fan since birth asshole 🙂

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Votepocalypse Open Thread; I bought a blowgun

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