Watch Fuad Accawi tonight on Forged in Fire (4/3)

Fuad Accawi Forged in Fire

I have gotten to know knifemaker Fuad Accawi over the past year as a regular member of the “Knoxville Knife Syndicate” Friday lunch group (AKA Ethan Becker’s Church Meetings). Some of you will remember him from his 5 from the Grinder profile . The larger knife world is about to learn all about Fuad when his episode of Forged in Fire airs tonight (4/3) on History Channel at 9pm EDT.

Fuad has been busy since his episode was recorded. He has remained tight lipped as per his contract. We tease him, but he just sits there smiling and not saying a word. I can’t wait to find out how he did. I honestly have no clue. The Forged in Fire Gauntlet has tripped up the likes of knifemaking legends Murray Carter and Walter Sorrells, and winning is a serious accomplishment.

While we are waiting for tonight’s episode, why don’t you all hop on the Twitter and give his shiny new account a follow (@faccawi). Win or Lose, I fully expect to see his numbers increase significantly. He is a great guy and an amazing knifemaker.

So here is wishing our friend Fuad good luck in the past tense. I think if you were an English PhD candidate you could name a tense for something that was recorded for tv, aired at a later date, dvr’d, later watched, and described in the past tense.  It is enough to make one’s head spin. Just tune in tonight and cheer Fuad on.




  1. Sam L. says:

    I’m DVRing last week’s show(technical probs then) and this week’s right after. My bedtime comes first.

    I’m sure the time constraints will result in a much plainer knife than those shown in 5 From The Grinder.

  2. Fuad Accawi says:

    Hey Clay,
    Thanks for the shoutout and the compliments! I’m kinda’ curious to see what happens too.

  3. stuartb says:

    On an unrelated note, I see that the TTAG site was sold by RF, will there be any impact on TTAK?

  4. Sam L. says:

    I watched it this morning. Fuad’s blade was more attractive to me than his competitor’s, but the wooden shaft behind it broke, and catastrophic failure means a NO SCORE, go home and cry in your beer.

  5. anotherknifeguy says:

    I cannot describe in words how much I despise this “Forged In Fire” tv series. I so desperately wish for a tv show to showcase the top knife craftsmen, but this show just makes me want to puke with its contrived competition. The moron who acts as as a moderator/judge Wil Willis (is that even his real name?) is probably the most arrogant and obnoxious person that was available. I refuse to watch this garbage tv show.

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Watch Fuad Accawi tonight on Forged in Fire (4/3)

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