Watch Sword and Machete Wielding Moped Gang rob UK watch-shop

machete wielding moped gang

Judging by the news reports of their brazen crimes, and the inability of UK police to catch them, moped gangs are taking over London. According to the Daily Mail’s Katie Hopkins:

But I do wonder what sort of civilisation we live in when being a bit ignorant on a pavement means you have to accept it when your stuff is stolen from you by a hammer wielding mugger on a moped.

And listening to stories from policemen, victims and the muggers themselves, this summer – things are about to get a whole lot worse.

The Mirror reports an astronomical increase in moped muggings and assaults. “In 2016, there were 7,265 incidents of scooters and mopeds being used to commit snatch offences and, in 2017, there are already more than 21,722 offences, according to Metropolitan Police Service figures.”

We have reported on several of the more violent examples like this one from earlier this year.

Recently a gang of helmeted thugs upped their game to Summer Blockbuster-movie level. 5 men, armed with samurai swords and machetes conducted a smash and grab of a high-end watch-shop in broad daylight, getting away with thousands of Pounds (£) worth of merchandise.



From Mirror UK:

Shocked witnesses filmed the terrifying attack from a nearby building as suspects wearing black reportedly drove up on at least five mopeds.

Members of the group appeared to use a moped to smash through the glass front of the shop before threatening staff and onlookers with weapons.

Clearly distressed voices could be heard in the background of the video footage, as witnesses called police to report the incident.

The suspects’ identities were concealed by dark motorbike helmets.

A spokesperson for City of London Police told Mirror Online that officers were dispatched to the scene and no one was injured during the incident.

They said that cops were called at 10.52am to reports of suspects on mopeds entering a jewellers on Fleet Street.

Police said the suspects smashed their way into the jewellers brandishing weapons, before making off on mopeds.

A witness, who asked not to be named, told the Evening Standard : “There was a Vespa inside the shop because they drove it through the front door.



I can think of a Second Amendment solution to this problem. But the isle formerly known as “Great” Britain will not be receptive to my suggestions.








  1. Dennis says:

    Where’s Mothers Against Mopeds on this?

  2. Sam L. says:

    The robbers wore helmets? I’m sure that’s the only law they obeyed before, during, and after the raid. No doubt they wore gloves, so as not to leave fingerprints behind.

  3. cmeat says:

    i helped a jamaican kid i worked with in the early eighties to buy a an rd350 because they were outlawed on the island- too many fatal accidents with those (silly fast lil’ buggers). oddly enough he was pleased to get a full face helmet here as they too were illegal in xaymaca due to the number of bank robbers wearing them during heists.

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Watch Sword and Machete Wielding Moped Gang rob UK watch-shop

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