We need common sense hammer control: 3 women dead in Long Island home.

It is time for common sense hammer control. Removing these deadly tools from society could have saved the lives of 3 Long Island women who were bludgeoned to death by one of the victim’s sons.

From Daily Mail UK:

Bobby Vanderhall, 34, allegedly took a large hammer from Lynn Vanderhall’s garage on Perry Street in Long Island around 1.15am and broke through a basement door.

He then beat his mother, 58-year-old Lynn Vanderhall, to death in the kitchen, according to police.

Next, he found his sister, 29-year-old Melissa Vanderhall, and one of Melissa’s friends on the staircase and beat them with the hammer, authorities said. The friend was able to escape, however, and call for help.

Vanderhall found the last victim, 29-year-old Janel Simpson, in an upstairs room. She also died from bludgeoning.

You should probably ban bats and rocks while you are at it. Do it for the children.


  1. Bladeslady says:

    Also, scissors, ice picks, screwdrivers, and letter openers.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Crowbars, prybars, metal pipes, and 2x2s, too.

  3. I must have close to 100 assorted hammers, from about 1 oz. to 50# controlling all these fellas would be a full time job. After forging an average knife there are quite a few scattered around the anvil, along with flatters, fullers, sledges, all underfoot, I never realized the grave danger I was in! Should they loose their heads and attack me all at once!

  4. Erik says:

    We need a hammer buy back. $200 per hammer no questions asked. Taxpayer $$$$ for rusty junk to keep us safe.

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We need common sense hammer control: 3 women dead in Long Island home.

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