Website: Amanda Knox Must Be Guilty Because Sollecito Collected Knives

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Amanda Knox’ twisted journey through the Italian ‘justice’ (cough) system is not exactly breaking news (see the Update at the bottom, hwv) and neither is the website “True Justice For Meredith Kercher.” The  site published a fairly lengthy article in 2010 which was absolutely packed with breathless, hysterical misinformation about knives. The author, an ignoramus hiding behind the name SomeAlibi, arrives at the brilliant conclusion that Knox and her boyfriend Rafaelo Sollecito must have killed Kercher because Sollecito was a knife guy. may be an unworthy opponent and I may be a little late to the party, but I can’t let crap like this go unchallenged.

BS About ‘Blood Grooves’

Image courtesy Ka-Bar Knives

Sollecito owned a replica combat knife, roughly similar to a Ka-Bar, which proves (to certain idiots) that he was also a killer. The following gibberish comes directly from the keyboard of SomeAlibi:

Blood grooves exist for only one purpose – as they imply, they are there for when one stabs someone deeply with the knife: they allow the blood to run out down the grooves. This breaks the seal and suction of the enclosing wound around the blade which makes the knife far easier to withdraw (sic)

It’s too bad they don’t have Wikipedia where he or she comes from, because this fallacy would have been set straight in about fifteen seconds.

A fuller is a rounded or beveled groove or slot in the flat side of a blade (e.g. a sword, knife, or bayonet). A fuller is often used to lighten the blade, much the way that the shape of an I-beam allows a given amount of strength to be achieved with less material. However, it has long been a popular (but erroneous) belief that the fuller serves to allow the flow of blood, thus relieving the conjectural vacuum created when a blade penetrates a human body. (Hence the misnomer “blood groove”.)

Now that we’ve got that straight, let’s move on.

More BS: Useful, Sharp Pocketknives Are Only For Killers

Tighe Tac

Sollecito also owned a now-discontinued CRKT Tighe Tac like this one. Few knowledgeable people would consider a 3.25″ knife with no choil or guard to be a ‘tactical’ knife, but SomeAlibi completely loses his/her shit over all of its evil features:

This is a 2.9 inch blade drop point, near spear point knife. At first glance (apart from the mark on the clip which should be ignored and was benign), the deniers camp might say “Well, look at it – it’s just a pocket knife even if it looks a bit sharp and so on – look, it’s even got a cute clip for the pocket, like on a pen.”

Let’s start there. The clip is actually a reversible one – it can be taken off and re-screwed to the knife to the user’s side / orientation of preference. This is already a proper knife rather than a cheap shop pick-up.

More obviously, the half-serrated edge to the blade for cutting is an active design (and purchase) feature.

Third, the ‘grind’ on the top the blade shows an aesthetic sensibility to the design but also serves a functional purpose for a cutting or stabbing use in terms of reducing friction.

Fourth, the serrations or (quite aggressive) ‘jimping’ on the top of the handle, just behind the blade are there to provide thumb grip.

Quite a lot of design features on this knife for a casual “pocket knife” one might think.

Oh the bar code? It’s not a bar code, it a rectangular thumb stud you flick the knife open with. When you do, the knife goes to a locked position unlike many “pocket-knives”. In English speaking knife circles, these knives are not generally referred to as pocket-knives but are called “Tactical Knives” which are a cross-over of usage knives for outdoors / cutting etc but also for personal “protection”.

So, in addition to the wall-mounted replica combat knife, one of Raffaele’s daily carries (see diary / testimony) was a designer thumb-flicked locking tactical knife with jimping, top blade grind, switchable clip and a razor sharp edge costing about 80 bucks. That you can only carry in your pocket. Illegally. Some apple-cutter.

To which I can only say Oh, The Humanity! as I roll my eyes.

Even More BS: Delica4=Murderer

Image courtesy SpydercoIf you’re one of these Amanda Knox trial obsessors, this Spyderco Delica4 with the Emerson opener is definitely the most deadly knife in the entire history of ever. That wicked blade may be slightly less than three inches long, but that’s slightly less than three inches of pure evil.

At first glimpse, this “pocket knife” looks quite martial arts like, given the hole and the weird top edge of the blade and the spider logo.

The logo marks this as a Spyderco knife – a large premium knife manufacturer of tactical and many other types of knives. This particular model is a Delica4 Emerson Opener retailing for about $109.95rrp. Of particular note about this knife is the hole and the top edge. The hole, a Spyderco feature, allows a thumb to flick the blade open very quickly. This knife is about speed.

But actually the thumb hole is not the real speed feature – that is reserved for the top edge curl.

This is a truly specialist feature known as an Emerson Opener or “wave”. The idea is that the curl in metal catches on the edge of a pocket edge on drawing the knife and opens it immediately (see videos below).

This is a speciality feature licensed from Emerson knives – Emerson being another feted ‘name’ knife designer. The wave is only present on two of Spyderco’s 330 knives listed on their website – the Delica and the ¾ inch larger sister knife the Endura (“the best self defence knife in the world” according to one enthusiastic teenager on youtube). That’s how specialist it is.

Even More BS: EDC=Murder

The “mere pocket-knife” impression of Raffaele’s interest in knives is a clear case in hand. Raffaele’s father testified in court that his son carried a pen-knife. Some pen-knives or pocket-knives these really were…

Because Sollecito likes knives and carried one (quite legally) in his pocket, there can be no question that he’s a murderer? I’m sorry, but this just doesn’t compute. knives are tools just like SomeAlibi.

Unlike our obsessed and nameless scribe, however, knives are useful tools. You can read all of his/her BS in its original Brittanic English here, if you really want to.

Update: The Carabinieri never bothered to test all of the DNA found on the actual murder weapon until a few days ago, but new tests show no sign of Knox’ DNA on it.



  1. Paul B says:

    Well, since Knox was the stabber, there might not have been any of her DNA on the knife. I am not 100 percent familiar with this case, but I am not sure what that would prove.

    1. Roger says:

      Sweat, saliva, and most other body fluids contain DNA. Holding most objects will transfer small bits of hand oils and sweat to the object that are usually imperceptible to the human eye.

      1. ChuckN says:

        True enough, but a simple pair of gloves usually negates
        transfer. Also the longer a piece of evidence is held
        the higher the likely hood for DNA degradation (this
        is usually through handling). So the lack of DNA
        doesn’t actually prove or disprove anything.

    2. JLS1950 says:

      Since ONLY Knox’s DNA appears on the so-called “murder weapon” (the one that is provably too large to fit any of the fatal wounds) what does this say about your profound theories?

      1. steven smith says:

        Meredith’s DNA was previously also found on the knife; and the results of the new testing are not official yet, just leaks from the defence saying they found Knox DNA

  2. Nathan says:

    I’m carrying a Delica Wave today. I guess I’ll go kill somebody

  3. Aharon says:

    I just ate a falafel at an Israeli owned restaurant. Therefore I must be a Jewish vegan and a member of the IDF.

  4. DENVER says:

    Great article, thank you so much!!!

    Please correct your update at the bottom:

    The kitchen knife that Amanda used to prepare dinner had her skin cell DNA on the handle. (da!)

    There was absolutely NO blood or DNA of Meredith Kercher on the knife blade proving it is not the murder weapon!

    Rudy Guede is still the only person to have owned a switch-blade knife with a blade thin enough to have made the neck wounds. (In his possession in previous arrests.)

    After Rudy fled to Germany, his knife was never recovered.

    Again, thank you so much,

    I’ve got a couple of pretty impressive knives, great for camping
    (and murder). *laugh*

    1. steven smith says:

      so you have a crystal ball showing you that Amanda prepared dinner? LOL

  5. BostieMom says:

    My daughter has a WW2 Luftwaffe officer’s dress uniform knife. I guess that makes her a Nazi.

    It’s amazing the nonsense that is spouted over at TJMK by so-called (yet completely unproved) “experts”.

  6. JLS1950 says:

    Slight error at the end of this article: “The Carabinieri never bothered to test all of the DNA found on the actual murder weapon until a few days ago, but new tests show no sign of Knox’ DNA on it.”

    Actually, it DOES have the DNA of Amanda Knox on it – ONLY of Amanda Knox – it simply does not have DNA of the victim Meredith Kercher on it, does not have any blood or blood residue on it, provably has never been either drenched with blood or “scrubbed with bleach”, was found half a kilometer from the murder scene in another apartment entirely, and is much too large to fit the fatal wounds. Bottom line: it is NOT the murder weapon!

    1. steven smith says:

      Meredith’s DNA was on the knife

  7. steven smith says:

    actually the recent test of the new (previously un-tested) trace showed Knox DNA, according to leaks from the defence, this is not official – the victim Meredith’s DNA was previously found on the knife

  8. steven smith says:

    it’s definitely true that, just because you carry a knife or are a knife collector, you are not automatically a murderer

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Website: Amanda Knox Must Be Guilty Because Sollecito Collected Knives

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