Weekend Link Dump part 2:

I promised an update to my prior post, but it was easier to just make a new one. I certainly have enough content for about 3 more in fact.



 prison pens are so named because they are ideal writing utensils for interview rooms, holding cells, and prison / jail environments containing people who might otherwise try to turn a simple Bic into The Great Impaler. According to Shomer-Tec, this one is made with a soft, rubbery material that will bend under even the slightest pressure, so the best anyone wielding one can hope to do with it is turn pen to frown, and then turn that frown upside down.



They won last year too…

THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY: Albuquerque man pulls knife during fistfight

From KQRE:

Witnesses say the fight between two men ended with at least one minor injury, but could have been much worse.

Video of the fight shows one man charge another man with a large knife as the two men fall to the ground. Over the last few days, hundreds of people have viewed the clip on social media.

According to witnesses, the fight happened sometime Monday morning outside the Central New Mexico Treatment Center on Haines Avenue northwest between Sixth and Seventh streets.

The video, which was uploaded to the Facebook page “BreakingMoto, shows two men in a scuffle in the middle of Haines Ave.

Video shows that seconds after the two let go of each other, one of the men in a football jersey pulled a large knife from his waistband, then charged at the other man in a white shirt.

Both men struggled on the ground as several other people rushed toward the two.

According to witnesses, a security guard at the nearby drug treatment clinic used mace to break up the fight.



THE HEADLINE IS A BIT MISLEADING: Giant Angel Formed With Over 100,000 Knives Confiscated by Police

It is just another story about that stupid British statue. I was hoping that the police had actually found some reason to impound the eyesore.



I am going to do a series of articles on steels.  I have wanted to do this for a long time, something like a steel diary, but the more steels I use the more difficult this has become.  Instead, I am going to do a quick hit style approach to steels and evaluate them subjectively—what I am going to call “Steel Grade Cards.”  This is not something that should be seen as an alternative to CATRA testing or other forms of scientific testing.  It is certainly less scientific than Cedric and Ada’s work.  Instead, think of this as my opinion on a specific steel based on experience—more case study than ABX testing.

I am going to use a 20 point scale not only because it matches what I am already doing in reviews, but also because I conceived of this prior to picking a scale as having four components with below, average, and above average ranks.  A little fussing and you get five performance levels over four categories for 20 points.

Worth a read.


Well. I am off to bed. Have a great Sunday Folks.


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Weekend Link Dump part 2:

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