What are your “excuses” for carrying a knife?

excuses for carrying a knife

Unless you have been actively avoiding the news today, you probably have heard that Londonistan Mayor Sadiq Khan has doubled down on his rhetoric – blaming violence on those who might carry a knife for any number of reasons that do not include stabbing someone with it.

Knives. They are like Shrimp. There is a virtually endless list of “excuses” for why someone would want to carry one. What excuses do you have for carrying a knife? Fire away in the comments.





  1. I don’t need an excuse for carrying a knife. As a professional chef my knives are necessary tool’s. I certainly have an EDC which saves me countless steps to find a knife to open something, or cut some cord or cardboard. Truth is I would feel naked without my pocket knife for everyday use. I can walk the street’s with 10 inch French Knives in a knife wrap no problem, but a small folding knife with a 3 inch blade might be a problem for the police. Folding knives that can be opened with one hand are now being seized at the Canadian Border. What a joke. You lack imagination if you have to rely on a knife for protection.

  2. Porkchop says:

    Why should I need an “excuse”? What is his excuse for demanding that I show a “need” or “excuse” to carry a tool that has been in my pocket daily for the last 60 years?

    That said, my “excuse” is that sometime during the day, every day, I need to cut stuff, and, miraculously, you can do that with a knife. Also, I can play mumblety-peg with my grandson.

  3. JK in Texas says:

    If they really crack down and make it a super duper felony to have a knife then bad guys will just start carrying scissors. Really sharp scissors.

  4. Bloving says:

    “Because God saw fit to take away our fangs and claws.”

  5. borg says:

    Are paramedics and/or firemen going to be subjected to arrest due to bladed tools being in their possession? Will we see Will we see EMTs and/or police be subject to arrest over bladed tool possession as well? Will we see raids at restaurants and chefs being brutalized for possession of cutlery? Will we see mass arrests of carpenters for bladed tool possession? Will the mayor be subject to arrest for possession of bladed tools in his home? Will the mayor be subject to arrest when bringing new cutlery home?

    1. Sam L. says:

      Certainly not the mayor; he’s SPECIAL.

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What are your “excuses” for carrying a knife?

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