What could possibly go wrong? Automatic vegetable chopper.

From the deepest depths of uselessness we bring you the ultimate in kitchen nightmares…Simone Giertz’s Chopping machine. Giertz, a Swedish vegetarian and tinkerer was brainstorming about ways to simplify vegetable prep.

From SimoneGiertz.tublr.com:

“I decided to build a machine that could chop vegetables for me. But what started as an innocent vegetable chopper soon turned out to be a potential killing machine.”


“After assembling the structure I started test running it. The chopping mechanism worked great: the knives was flung with a pretty impressive speed and started cutting its way through the cutting board. But for some reason the servo motors weren’t acting like I expected them to. At all. They seemed to have a mind of their own, spinning whenever it pleased them, creating a terrifying, crazy killing machine that I had no control over.

I started reading up on continuous servo motors and turns out that they really aren’t servo motors at all. Once you make them continuous you lose all form of position control. The way servo motors work is that you give them a position and they start moving until their internal feedback system tell them that they’ve arrived at the destination. To make a servo motor continuous you removed that feedback system, so when you give the motor a position it’s just going to turn forever since its internal system never says anything.

So, I had no real control over what position the motor head was going to be in, and thus no real control over when the knives were going to hit. Every time I started the machine I had to manually position the motor head so that I would have some time to put a vegetable in there before it started its tantrum chopping.”

Obviously you should not try this at home. Or this either:

(h/t: Makezine.com)


  1. Sam L. says:

    Can you say “Darwin Nominee”, boys and girls? Yes, I knew you could.

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What could possibly go wrong? Automatic vegetable chopper.

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