What Discipline For Accidentally Bringing Knives To School?

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I honestly cannot understand the self-righteous panic response that we witness whenever a student accidentally brings some kind of knife to school, even under the most completely innocuous circumstances. I bring this up because it has happened again.

Some North Carolina kids accidentally brought some knives to school under completely innocuous circumstances, and another school seems to be in the process of freaking out. Do these teachers and administrators remember their own childhoods?

This time the terrifying threat to public safety came in the form of a steak knife, a butter knife and a carving knife in the backpacks of two second-graders at Barnette Elementary School in Huntersville, N.C.

WSOC-TV fills us in on the horrific details:

According to a police report, three knives were found in the book bags of two boys in second grade: a steak knife, a butter knife and a carving knife. One of the boys put the butter knife in the back pack of the other boy’s sister. Both were charged with having a weapon on school property and were turned over to their parents…

CMS officials said a teacher found the knives in the boys’ open book bags but said the students never intended to hurt anyone. When the school resource officer asked them about it, police said the children said they were going to cut down trees after school.

CMS officials said regardless of their intentions, the district has zero tolerance for weapons of any sort on campus at all.

Except for the butcher knives in the cafeteria, and the softball bats in the gym, and the mop handles in the closet, and the rocks at the edge of the athletic field, and the yardsticks in the classroom, and the letter openers in the secretaries’ desks.

If intentions really are irrelevant, how can the school permit all these weapons on its campuses? And who the hell files criminal charges against second-graders who didn’t intend to (and didn’t) harm anyone?

Idiots and assholes, that’s who.

What sort of response do you think is appropriate for these violations of school rules?


  1. JoshtheViking says:

    Pretty soon a plastic spork will be considered a weapon.

  2. Aharon says:

    “What sort of response do you think is appropriate for these violations of school rules?”

    — Skip the butter knife as a declared weapon. Maybe for the other edged knives requiring extra homework, staying after school and washing windows, writing on the chalkboard 300 times about not bringing sharp knives to school, etc.

  3. sagebrushracer says:

    A second grade kid knows he/she is in lots of trouble, but they really don’t know the extent of what they have just done in cases like this.

    What is happening is you have a child who makes a childish mistake and gets an adult punishment for it?

    The parents and the teachers are the ones who need answer for not imparting the lessons of a) never bring a knife to school and b) chopping down a tree with said knife is a really bad idea.

  4. Paul B says:

    And the streaker just hanged himself in Alabama. I say fire every teacher there is. Get some home school teaching moms to take their place and in a decade we will be on top again.

    Just saying.

  5. Ron Kelley says:

    so two kids are like wtf did we do? teachers lost time teaching, officer lost time doing whatever he does, more staff time lost, and then parents called in most likely missing work. BUT I FEEL SAFE NOW!

  6. don curton says:

    I’ve been opposed to zero tolerance for decades. Unfortunately, if you look at the history, it was largely fed up conservative parents who pushed it through. School administrators letting gang-bangers get away with (figuratively) murder. Judges letting the same get away with even more. Revolving door justice. Persons in positions abusing their discretionary powers. Rather than getting rid of the persons, we got rid of the discretion. Big mistake.

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What Discipline For Accidentally Bringing Knives To School?

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