Wisconsin man attacks wife with hammer; slashes self


The suspect was transported by helicopter with severe, self-inflicted lacerations.

A Cottage Groove, Wisconsin man was arrested for attacking his wife with a hammer. He then attempted suicide by cutting his neck deeply enough to require helicopter transport.

From Madison.com:

“Officers made contact with the 31-year-old female victim outside the residence,” Layber said. “She said her husband had assaulted her with a hammer and he was still in the residence.”

She also told police he had a knife and was threatening to kill himself, and might already be dead.

“Officers entered the residence to take the husband into custody and to prevent him from harming himself,” Layber said. “Officers found the subject in the basement bathroom area, armed with a knife.

“He was ordered to drop the knife and to exit the bathroom, and he complied with the orders,” Layber said. “He had self-inflicted neck wounds and was bleeding profusely.”

Both were taken to UW Hospital in Madison, the husband via Med Flight and the wife by ambulance.

Just a reminder, blunt objects were responsible for 435 homicides in 2014. Knives were used in 1567 homicides that same year. You can’t ban everything pokey or hard. Even if you succeeded on that impossible endeavor, 2014 saw 660 homicide committed with bare hands and feet.


  1. Pat Carver says:

    “Cottage Groove, Wisconsin”. Sounds like his groove had become a rut.

  2. Sam L. says:

    I carry an EDC screwdriver in addition to my EDC spork.

  3. cmeat says:

    that’s where they grow cottage cheese.

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Wisconsin man attacks wife with hammer; slashes self

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